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We work with some of the leading provider's of FX and money remittance software. Services include all major live currency access, renowned Money Transfer Engine™ (MTE), Online Remittance Manager™ (ORM) and Mobile Agent Remittance Manager™ (M-ARM). 

The software systems are based on robust, reliable technology platforms undergoing continuous enhancements. Our providers service the IT platforms used by prominent Banks, major FX and money remitters from around the world.

With distinctive emphasis on security and compliance, the money transfer systems come with sophisticated Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) features designed to help banks and MTOs reduce risk and mitigate fraud.


​One of the biggest challenges faced by financial firms is verifying their customer and then having ongoing solutions in place to ensure that their customer does not appear on any PEPs, Sanctions or blacklists.

The solutions available cover users to be able to check their clients ID documents, ensure that they are genuine and that their client can prove who they say they are and can prove they live where they say they live.

                  Services include:

                  - Identity Document Validation (Passport, Drivers License, E.U. ID cards etc)
                  - PEPS & Sanctions checks
                  - Bank Account Validation
                  - Telephone Number Validation


Pro Legal are able to offer a 'pay as you go' service which is cost effective and reduces the risk of long term commitment. Ideal for start ups and SME firms that require to validate ID documents for their clients. 

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Need assistance with your web design, our in house IT team provide creative digital services to businesses who want to grow online. Focusing on results, we use our technical skills, experience and industry insight to help our clients meet their business goals. 

Our design team can ensure your website is robust via SSL security and can include tools such as currency conversion calculators, merchant access, system log in and PSD agent access, fully managed front and back end and much more. 

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